Overview of Yale University

Founded in 1701, Yale University was the first American institution of higher education to award the doctorate degree. Many notable alumni have graduated from Yale, including former president George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, Human Genome Project director Francis S. Collins, Morgan Stanley founder of Harold Stanley, etc. Yale law school has been ranked as the number one law school in the country by U.S. News and World Report

Yale University School Summer Course

When and who should attend?

  • Age: 13-17

  • Quota: 20

  • Date: July 23- August 6, 2017

  • Departure city: Beijing

  • Closing date: April 30, 2017

Yale University School Summer Course, a 2-week intensive academic course that provides a comprehensive and scientific language improvement plan, is customised for students aged 13-17. It provides an all-English environment, aiming to rapidly improve students’ language abilities. All students are assigned with an overseas study planner, who help to prepare them linguistically and psychologically, so as to lay a solid foundation for future study.

Why choose Yale University School Summer Course?

  • The alma mater of two former US presidents, George Bush Senior and Junior

    As the third-oldest institution of higher education in the US, it has produced more than one US President, and provides a strong academic atmosphere.

  • A diversity of cultures shared by many nationalities

    Attendants come from many countries such as Germany, Spain, Russia, etc. So they’re able to make foreign friends, gain a deeper understanding of different cultures and broaden their international perspective.

  • Elite intensive language lessons

    This language learning programme covers grammar, reading, spoken English, vocabulary, etc. It creates an excellent English atmosphere, enabling students to have a preview of language skills.

  • Targeted teaching in small class

    Each class is made up of eight students on average. High teacher-student ratio ensures every student is under constant care and has a fruitful trip.

  • An eye-opening visit to scenic spots

    Beautiful beaches and harbours offer a magnificent view while roaming around these places; a visit to East Rock Park and Yale Art Gallery give you full appreciation of profound art heritage; all these present a outline of the appearance and spirit of America.

  • Your own overseas study mentor

    Before departure, senior overseas study planner offers consultation opinions to students; US interview-coach carries out evaluation through one-on-one interview and presents a report. After returning to China, attendants continue to receive guidance from US consultant for higher education, fully preparing them for future study at abroad.

Course details

  • Customized preparation before departure

    Before departure, study planner of BE Education will perform an evaluation on the student through an one-on-one interview, so as to get a comprehensive understanding of the student’s advantages and characteristics. To better prepare for the 2-week course in US, BE planner will guide the parents and the students to make their education plan, and to make full use of the education source.

  • Pertinent language training

    A complete set of academic modules including grammar, reading comprehension, spoken expression, vocabulary enlargement, etc. helps students in improving both daily English and academic English, cultivating an English way of thinking and promoting fluency.

  • Extensive extracurricular activities

    Extensive extracurricular activities

    Students will attend workshops with different themes, in which they are able to use the language they acquired and have a discussion with classmates from different countries. In these activities, students are exposed to a stimulating environment that allows them to learn from each other and broaden international perspective. In the meantime, the vast area of Yale also provides the site for students to do their favorite sports.

  • Immersive visit to cultural heritage

    Immersive visit to cultural heritage

    The course includes an excursion for each week. Destinations include natural landscapes such as East Rock Park, Myrtle Seaport, beaches and lakes, as well as man-made site like Yale Art Gallery and fantastic aquarium. We aim to render an indigenous American culture from different aspects.

Looking Back


  • July 23


    Arrival at Yale

    Team activities at the campus

  • July 24


    AM: Academic English

    PM: Skyline park; treasure hunt

    Evening: Free communication

  • July 25


    AM: Academic English

    PM: Culture workshop; East Rock Park

    Evening: Free communication

  • July 26


    Day: New York tour

    Evening: Free communication

  • July 27


    AM: Academic English

    PM: Culture workshop; Yale Art Gallery

    Evening: Free communication

  • July 28


    AM: Academic English

    PM: Visit to Six Flags

    Evening: Free communication

  • July 29/p>


    AM: Academic English

    PM: Visit to New Haven

    Evening: Free communication

  • July 30


    Day: Team activities at campus

    Evening: Free communication

  • July 31


    AM: Academic English

    PM: Fun tour around Yale

    Evening: Free communication

  • August 1


    AM: Academic English

    PM: Hammonasse beach

    Evening: Free communication

  • August 2


    Day: Boston tour

    Evening: Free communication

  • August 3


    AM: Academic English

    PM: Fantastic aquarium

    Evening: Free communication

  • August 4


    AM: Academic English

    PM: Brownstone Park

    Evening: Free communication

  • August 5


    AM: Academic English

    PM: Graduation ceremony

    Evening: Free communication

  • August 6


    Head back to China

* Please note that this schedule is subject to change due to bad weather or road conditions

  • BE Education

    BE Education is a company renowned for international education consulting services. In the principle of integrity and honesty, we are dedicated to act in the best interest of our students, providing students who want to enter into global prestigious schools with high-end international education consulting services from customised study-abroad plans, from application services to long term follow-up services. Student-oriented, we aim to help students gain entry into elite schools in the UK and the US.

  • Holiday Course

    Holiday courses of various characteristics are designed specifically for Chinese students who want to experience a study tour abroad. It is a good opportunity for students to experience a taste of life at some of these prestigious schools, as well as to prepare themselves to get into overseas reputable schools for further study. As for students who are unable to study abroad, the course offers an alternative for them to supplement traditional Chinese studies with western education.

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