Dunn of Caterham

Dunn School is located in the Sanda Yaez Valley among mountains and picturesque sceneries. The city of Santa Barbara is 30 miles to the southeast. Founded in 1957, it is the top-notch private boarding school in the US, and has been included by Association for Experiential Education as one of the 7 prestigious private schools. The school has AP and honors courses, as well as programs like art, athletics and outdoor sports. Ranked among the top 100 secondary schools in the US, Dunn has produced many accomplished alumni and social elites

Dunn School Summer Course

When and who should attend?

  • Age: Grade 8-10

  • Quota: 15

  • Date: July 15- August 11, 2017

  • Departure city: Shanghai

  • Only 15 seats!

Dunn School Summer Course is for grade 8-10. Through a learning of 4-week compact curriculum, it aims to bring authentic American education to students, deepen their understanding of the educational concept and culture essence of America, broaden international perspective, explore students’ potential and bring up multi-skilled talents needed for the future.

Why choose Dunn School Summer Course

  • Ace prep school in California

    Dunn School is an ace prep school in California that emphasize whole education, with the goal of developing pupil’s knowledge storage, leadership and teamwork spirit.

  • Experience the essence of US elite culture

    ESL lessons imparts general English knowledge and improve spoken English; optional lessons offer core secondary school curriculum. Absorption of the very essence of American elite education.

  • TOEFL Junior Test

    Before the course ends, a TOEFL Junior test will be carried out. Students who take this test will be able to have a clear assessment on their English level, so they will be able to adapt themselves for a higher score or successful application.

  • An eye-opening visit to scenic spots

    Attendants may experience sporting lives in the US, by watching diversified sporting events, feeling the excitement at the field of Dokie Baseball, or surfing from some of the most beautiful beaches.

  • Preview of study abroad

    All attendants will be staying at the dormitory of the school.The boarding life will also improve students’ ability of independence. Besides, students will go to class with classmates from the US and other countries and regions in world, enjoying studying in an international atmosphere. Attendants may also catch a glimpse of life about studying abroad.

  • Your own overseas study mentor

    Before departure, US consultant for higher education conducts evaluation on students, and guides the family to make their education plan; after arriving at the US, the US consultant follows and guides the student’s study and life at abroad from the beginning to the end; after returning to China, the consultant continue to offer guidance to the student, fully preparing them for future study at abroad.

Course details

Academic course

The summer course is made up of a complete set of academic modules, including compulsory ESL programs and various optional programs, which helps to improve students’ speech craft and confidence.

  • ESL

    This curriculum is compulsory, comprising reading, writing and speaking. Reading materials for US students are prepared, and with the positive influence from peers bringing different histories and cultures, students are able to gain a deeper understanding of how to read and write.

  • TOEFL Junior test

    Before the course ends, a TOEFL Junior test will be carried out to help students to form a comprehensive assessment on their English level, and adapt themselves for a higher score or successful application to reputable US universities.

  • Optional programs

    An optional program may be selected for the week. Lessons such as tennis, water polo, equestrianism, music, archery, cooking and museum are available.


Intense and exciting baseball games, surf ridings full of challenge, the vast expanse of beaches and California mountain hiking, all of these will become unforgettable memories.

Activity Teaching

While having fun in diversified activities as part of the course, attendants get to know American culture from various aspects, develop teamwork spirit as well as good communication skills.

  • Reading and homework

    Reading and homework

    Except for free time in each night, attendants will have an hour to finish the homework assigned by the teacher. It could be reading, writing or ppt making. Our teacher on duty will make sure they finish their homework. Students may also have a free communication with the teacher during homework-checking.

  • Morning exercise and dormitory life

    Morning exercise and dormitory life

    Morning exercises are different for each day. It could be running, climbing, playing football games, beach volleyball, rugby, badminton, doing fun sporting activities or body-building at the gym. Dormitory activities in the night is colorful as well, including grass surfing, water polo, baseball, Frisbee, board games, swimming, etc.

Looking Back


Time Monday-Friday Saturday Sunday

7:30 Assembly

7:45-9:15 Morning exercise

9:15-9:40 Breakfast

9:45-12:45 Compulsory lessons

12:45-13:30 Lunch & Break

9:00-10:00 Breakfast

9:00-10:00 Breakfast

10:00-12:00 Free time

12:00-12:30 Lunch


13: 30-15:30 Optional lessons

15:30-17:00 Free time

17:00-17:45 Dinner

17:45-18:45 Free time

11:00-19:00 Excursion

12:30-14:30 Campus activities

14:30-15:00 Ice-cream

15:00-17:00 Free time

17:00-17:45 Dinner


18:45-19:45 Night activities

19:45-20:15 Dorm check

20:15-21:15 Self-study & homework check

22:00 Bedtime

19:00-22:00 Night activities

22:00-22:30 Get ready for bed

22:30 Bedtime

17:45-19:45 Night activities

19:45-20:15 Dorm check

20:15-21:15 Self-study & homework check

22:00 Bedtime

* Please note that this schedule is subject to change due to bad weather or road conditions

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  • Holiday Course

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