Showcasing the future, and 2023 BE Top Schools holds successfully in four cities!


With the cool autumn breeze accompanying us, as we return to the BE Top Schools, the unprecedented scale and lively atmosphere remain as before, from Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou to Shenzhen.

BE Top Schools

In 2015, we first met with numerous parents at BE Top Schools. Today, we gather once again, bringing with us more mature educational philosophies, richer educational resources, and more professional educational services.

During this event, we hope to provide a platform where every child can showcase their uniqueness and potential, gain a better understanding of themselves, and discover their interests and goals. We deeply understand that receiving an offer from a private school is just one step in a child's growth. What is more important is building confidence, leveraging strengths, and being prepared to face future challenges and opportunities.


01 Face the admissions officers, confidently and bravely showcasing yourself

We have specially arranged an exclusive segment called "Facing the Admissions Officers," giving children the opportunity to personally showcase themselves to the top British private schools they admire.

These admissions officers are likely to be the examiners for the children's formal interviews in the future. They will authentically recreate the interview scenes for admissions and allow the children to experience the intense atmosphere in advance. The admissions officers state that the interviews primarily assess the children's academic abilities, communication skills, and teamwork capabilities, and also seek to understand their interests, values, and perspectives on the world.

In this edition of the Top Schools event, more than 100 children from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou bravely entered the interview rooms, engaging in in-depth one-on-one communication with the admissions officers. Each of the children's answers and presentations exuded confidence and determination. They knew it was an opportunity to showcase themselves and to improve themselves. They courageously expressed themselves, declaring to the world, "I am unique, and I have the ability to pursue my dreams."

BE Top Schools

Finally, the interviewers provided feedback on each student's performance, pointing out their strengths and areas for improvement. They encouraged the children to maintain confidence, express their opinions boldly, and learn to listen to others' perspectives.

We believe that such experiences will provide parents and students with a more intuitive understanding of interviews in British private schools and enhance their communication skills. In future real admissions interviews, they will undoubtedly be able to present their best selves!

BE Top Schools



02 Admissions officers share exclusive insights into admission criteria

At the Panel Discussion of BE Top Schools, we were honored to invite admissions officers from top British and American private schools. They gathered together to provide a detailed analysis of entrance exams, boarding life, and academic planning.

The admissions officers first clarified the age requirements and exam criteria for each school. Typically, girls' schools admit students at around 11 years old, while boys' schools or co-ed schools admit at around 13 years old. They also highlighted that while most applications are based on grade levels, there are opportunities for mid-year admissions as well.

Next, they explained in detail the curriculum offerings of British private schools, emphasizing their diversity and flexibility to cater to the individual needs of students. Regarding boarding life, schools provide comprehensive living facilities and caring mentors to ensure that students receive proper physical and mental care.

Regarding academic planning, the admissions officers emphasized that British private schools place great importance on students' long-term development. They tailor personalized academic pathways based on students' interests and abilities. Many graduates successfully gain admission to their top-choice universities, including renowned institutions like Oxford and Cambridge, members of the Russell Group, Ivy League universities in the United States, as well as specialized art schools like Berklee College of Music.

Throughout the entire discussion, the admissions officers used their professional knowledge and patient explanations to help parents resolve various doubts regarding boarding school education in the UK, providing strong support for their children's educational choices.



03 One-on-one services, fully supporting children's growth

At the event, the senior consultant team from BE Education remained steadfast in their positions, providing one-on-one professional services to every parent who came for consultation. Leveraging their extensive industry experience and deep care for the children, they educated the parents about the differences between the Chinese and British education systems and addressed their series of concerns regarding school selection, exam preparation, and studying abroad.

"It's important to find a consultancy team that can thoroughly assess the child. BE didn't just give me a list of schools but carefully helped me choose the one that best suited my child," said one parent at the scene.

Another parent expressed concerns about the difficulties their child might face in studying and living abroad. Our consultant team patiently reassured and encouraged her to have confidence. They knew that many children have strong adaptability when studying abroad. At the same time, they reminded parents to make adequate preparations, such as understanding British culture and customs in advance, to help their children adapt to the new environment more quickly.

The consultant team at BE Education consistently maintained a professional and enthusiastic attitude, providing patient and meticulous answers and advice to every consulting parent. Their professional services and valuable experience offer strong support in planning the path of international education for parents.

BE Top Schools


04 Hangzhou is an emerging market to provide services

BE Top Schools has come to the beautiful city of Hangzhou for the first time, marking a further expansion of BE Education into the domestic and international education as well as the early-age study abroad market.

As an emerging economic center in China, Hangzhou boasts a large population of high-net-worth individuals and high-quality educational resources, with a growing demand for international education. Our arrival aims to provide more professional and convenient application services for UK private schools to parents and students in Hangzhou, helping them achieve their dreams of international education.

This visit to Hangzhou is an active exploration of the international education market in the Eastern China region and also serves as a promising start for our future activities in other regions across the country. We look forward to providing high-quality study-abroad consulting services for more Chinese families in the future.



05 Old friends bring new friends together as UK and US private schools gather in one place

BE Education's old friends, such as Tonbridge School, Radley College, Marlborough College, and other top British private schools, have been part of our big family, accompanying us through every season. This year, we are honored to welcome three new partners - boarding schools from the United States.

With this collaboration, Chinese parents can choose the most suitable school and curriculum from a wide range of boarding schools in both the UK and the US, based on their children's unique characteristics and interests. This allows us to meet the growth needs and educational goals of each child.

We have always believed that every child has unlimited potential, and education serves as the bridge to help them achieve their dreams. In the days to come, we will continue to closely cooperate with top educational resources from around the world, providing children with diverse and enriching educational options. Our aim is to broaden their horizons, unlock their potential, and lead them towards a brighter tomorrow!



06 Reaching more on-demanding families by Livestream

To ensure that parents who are unable to attend the event in person can still participate, BE Top Schools has set up a video live-streaming platform to broadcast the event and expert lectures in real time.

During the live broadcast, we also connected with the on-site host to showcase the lively atmosphere of the event. Additionally, we have a special segment where we invited Mr. Saber, the head of BE Academy, to answer questions and provide guidance to parents who are participating online.

No matter where you are, as long as you have a mobile device, you can join us and stay updated with the latest news in international education and the latest updates from top British private schools.

As a company dedicated to early-age study abroad, BE Education has always been committed to providing the most professional and comprehensive consulting services to Chinese families worldwide. We understand that every child has their own unique qualities, and only by truly understanding them can we help them achieve their dreams.

Although the 2023 BE Top Schools has come to a close, our consulting services will not stop. BE Education's services cover the entire process from school selection, test preparation, and application, to enrollment, aiming to provide every family with the most professional and attentive international education services.

If you are interested in British private schools, you can send a private message backstage to get in touch with us. Our experienced consultants will wholeheartedly serve you and help you find the most suitable educational path for your child. Let us work together to give wings to their future and let them soar on the global stage.

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