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最近,必益已收到包括汤布里奇公学Tonbridge College在内的多所英国菁英中学的补录名额信息!如果您有需求,准备好资料、联系必益,剩下的交由专业的团队来处理。22年升学的最后补录机会,不能再等了!


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英国的私校也不仅仅只有伊顿、哈罗这些金字塔顶端的公学,还有一些学校虽然名气没那么大,但成绩是相当“能打”,而且学费相对来说没那么高。为大家推荐9所性价比相对来说比较高的私校。这十所私校虽然名气没那么大, 但成绩非常出色,学费相对来说比较“亲民”!


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Why choose the UKStaying true to our educational roots with a philosophy of education focused on student achievement

A rigorous academic style with a high degree of quality

The UK has a long history of education and is the birthplace of the modern university. Twenty-six of the UK's universities are ranked in the top 200 universities in the world, with exceptional levels of scientific research and academic qualifications that are recognised worldwide. By choosing to study in the UK, you will be obtaining a highly prestigious diploma.

Short course lengths means studying abroad is more cost-effective

Undergraduate programmes in the UK are mostly 3-year programmes, except in England where they are 4-year programmes. Postgraduate studies in the UK are 1-year courses, with some research masters being 2-year courses. The UK is a popular destination for students from all over the world because of its short duration and cost effectiveness.

Experience life in a native English language environment

The UK has a long history, unique art and rich culture, it is where you can genuinely experience the true British culture. The UK is also the birthplace of the English language, so by choosing to study in the UK, you can improve your English language skills and learn authentic British English.

Enjoy high standards of social welfare in the UK

Chinese students who obtain an academic visa in the UK valid for more than 6 months can enjoy the same free health insurance benefits as British nationals. Students who apply for an International Student Card can enjoy considerable discounts on airline tickets, museum visits, etc.

Good policies to ease the financial burdens

There are a number of preferential policies for international students. A variety of scholarships are available to support outstanding overseas students to complete their studies. International students can also work up to 20 hours a week during their studies.

A safe and secure place to study and live

The UK has one of the highest overall living conditions indices in Europe, a good social security system and a stable social environment. This gives parents at home more peace of mind and allow students to enjoy their student life without worry.

What materials should I prepare to study in primary and secondary schools in the UK?Staying true to our educational roots with a philosophy of education focused on student achievement

Once you have decided on the point of admissiont, you will then need to start preparing the documents required during the progression of the application. In general, parents will need to prepare the following documents.

A certificate of study from the current school

Transcripts of examinations at all stages of schooling

Letter of recommendation from a school teacher (class teacher/subject teacher)

Proof of English language results or proof of English language study (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)

A detailed personal introduction (interests, hobbies, strengths, awards, future plans, any other useful material that may support your application)

A completed application form

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General application process for primary and secondary schools in the UKStaying true to our educational roots with a philosophy of education focused on student achievement

Plan early and prepare well

Required documents: all previous complete report cards, graduation certificate or proof of enrollment

Top secondary school applications require: evidence of excellent academic performance, personal strengths, etc.

School selection considerations: pay attention to factors such as school size, geographic location, curriculum and cost of study

Visit schools on open days, apply and register early, pass UKiset exams

Actively participate in the entrance exams for private schools in the UK

Waiting for admissions results and prepare for studying abroad

Choose a guardianship service and contact your guardian

Submit your visa application documents to obtain your student visa

Consult application plan

Points of admission to study in the UKStaying true to our educational roots with a philosophy of education focused on student achievement

Senior Consultants TeamHigh quality teaching and research team, deep cultivation of five major Examination Bureau courses

Make an appointment for the tutor to listen to the course

Our advantagesHigh quality teaching and research team, deep cultivation of five major Examination Bureau courses

A team of experienced overseas consultants

Over 80% of our UK team is made up of consultants from top institutions, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Eton and Harrow; for our US team consultants have worked as admissions officers for Ivy League schools.

Partnership with UK Wycombe Abbey School to establish international schools

Bringing the UK academic approach to education of a top elite British school into China, combining the best of British and Chinese education to teach students in the most effective way. Our schools now have student numbers which surpass that of Wycombe Abbey in the UK.

Tailor-made services

After every initial assessment, consultants will design a study abroad programme to suit each individual child's needs, which includes improving language in preparation for studying abroad, providing advice and guidance on extra-curricular activities, and following up post-service.

An abundance of school resources

We have long-term and stable relationships with a network of secondary schools and university admissions officers in the UK and the US, which include UK secondary schools like Radley and King's Canterbury, as well as American institutions such as Fay School, NYU and Stanford University, and more.

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