The leap from prep school to one of the original nine public schools is a little daunting but hugely exciting!


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Kevin, with the support of his parents, decided he wanted to study in the UK when Kevin was about to graduate from primary school. 

As a result, they came to BE Education to discuss the details with our professional consultants. 

Tristan, a consultant from BE, helped Kevin to apply for 5 prep schools in the UK. 

After visiting the schools and taking the entrance exams and interviews, Kevin ultimately chose Hazlegrove School.

A journey from Hazlegrove School

In Kevin's opinion, Hazlegrove is a quiet school with huge pitches for football and rugby. The buildings at Hazlegrove are compact and possess all the facilities required for a fulfilling education. On weekends, teachers often take the students to have barbecues in the woods just behind the school. The students to spend a lot of time interacting with one another, as well as joining in with outdoors activities.

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En route to a top British private school

Travelling to an unfamiliar country to study can be very hard at the beginning. Apart from getting used to the local cuisine, Kevin also needed to work on his English. One or two months after arriving in England, Kevin finally started to feel comfortable in his new environment and began to better understand what teachers and other students were talking about – and therefore was also better able to talk with them. 

Living away from home for the first time, Kevin experienced homesickness and even cried by himself; fortunately, this sad period didn't last very long. With the help and guidance of his teachers and other students, Kevin gradually became a happy member of the community and joined many sports and activities provided by the school.

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Finally a success! After one year on the waiting list!

When his time at Hazlegrove was nearing its end, Kevin started to prepare for applications to senior schools. Kevin's ideal school was Rugby School. In January 2017, he applied for the most popular house at Rugby and was put on the waiting list due to fierce competition. Kevin had to wait patiently for one year. During this time he continued working hard to improve himself, and his BE consultant strove to persuade the school to accept him. Finally came good news: in 2018, the admission officer at Rugby sent Kevin a conditional offer.

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Its grounds were enormous!

As one of the few co-educational schools of the original nine public schools, Rugby School is extremely popular among top students from all over the world. Kevin's first impression of Rugby School was that its grounds were enormous. "Sometimes when I had to walk from the dorm to a classroom, it would take me 10 minutes!" In his first week at Rugby, Kevin and a few classmates took so long to find the classroom for their first class that, when they finally found it, there were only a few minutes of class time left!

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How can one stand out when applying to private schools?

Right now, Kevin is in his second year at Rugby studying for his GCSEs. When asked what application advice he could share with his juniors, Kevin's response was to join more extra-curricular activities. Music is an important part of Rugby and the school hosts lots of music events and contests each year. Private schools focus on students' music skills and sports, as well as academics.

"One must actively participate in school activities for more beneficial experiences. That is how you make a good impression on interviewers and stand out. Each month, we have different sports contests at Rugby and teachers hope their students will win their house competitions. You will definitely have eyes on you if you excel in some sports."

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The leap from prep school to one of the original nine public schools is a little daunting but hugely exciting!

Kevin, with the support of his parents, decided he wanted to study in the UK when he was about to graduate from primary school. As a result, they came to BE Education to discuss the details with our professional consultants.


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